The correct way to store cannabis seeds

It does not matter whether you have 1 cannabis seed or 1000 cannabis seeds, you should be storing them correctly to ensure they remain viable. Many growers and collectors do not realise that a cannabis seed will expire and become useless after a certain amount of time. The time it takes for a seed to expire really depends on how the owner has stored it. You can read more about how long it takes for a cannabis seed to expire here.

Storing a seed correctly will keep seeds viable and alive for over five years.

To store cannabis seeds correctly you should:

  • Ensure the seeds do not come into contact with moisture or high humidity.
  • Ensure that no light can reach the seeds
  • Ensure that the seeds remain at a cool and steady temperature without any fast fluctuations of temperature changes.

When reading the list it can sound a little overwhelming, but it is actually very easy when you see how we do it below. So let us break down a few tips on what you should be doing.

storing cannabis seeds

The best method for storing your seeds

Find an air-tight container like the one above, if you can get one that is not transparent then that is better. If you are using a transparent one then you can either wrap it in a cloth or spray paint it black. Place your seeds inside as seen in the image and add 2 to 4 packets of silica gel to ensure humidity remains low.

Now the container can be placed somewhere cool and dark. Some people like to place the container in a fridge but there are a couple of issues with this. One of the important things to avoid is fluctuating temperatures and when the fridge door opens there is a very fast and drastic temperature change. For this reason, we do not use a fridge unless it is purely for seeds and not opened often like a kitchen fridge with food inside.

If storing for two or three months then a dark cupboard is fine, but for the long term, a freezer would be the best bet. Try to push the container right to the back and keep other items around it to protect it from any fast temperature changes when opening the door.


So it really is as quick and easy as that! We all know that seeds are not cheap and when collecting for long-term purposes it is crucial to make an effort to provide a suitable home for them.

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